The information gathered can help confirm the cause of health concerns or rule out any potential concerns which are a critical tools in helping healthcare providers understand.
Xana Medtec Tests-List

Advance Health With Clinical Tests List "Xana Medtec".

Investigations Price List

General Health Screen
Diabetes Comprehensive
General Health Advanced
All man / All women
Fatigued the time
Post Covid Screen
Digestive & Nutritional Screen
All Muscles & Rheumatology
All Muscles & Rheumatology

Specialized Tests

Metabolic Syndrome Advanced "MSA"
Vitamins & Minerals
Bone Health
Diabetes Health
Digestive Health
Full Blood Count
Heart Health
Hormonal Health
ST1 Confidante Health

Individual Tests

Liver Health -
Male Hormone Health
Metabolic Syndrome
Muscle & Joint Health
Pancreatic Health
Stress Health
Kidney Health
Iron Status
Thyroid Health
Urine Test

Hereditary Genetic Tests

All Hereditary Cancer Risk - 113 Genes
Hereditary Cancer Risk- 29 Genes
Hereditary Breast & Ovarian Cancer Risk
Hereditary Cardiac Risk Advanced
Genetic Coeliac Disease
Genetic Hemochromatosis
Genetic Lactose Intolerance
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The length of your visit will depend on the number of patients in the Patient Service Centre. Typically, wait times are a little longer in the morning as patients tend to fast for tests over night.
To provide a comfortable and safe environment for our patients and employees, please avoid wearing scented perfumes or creams.
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Xana-Medtec Tests-List
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