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The information gathered can help confirm the cause of health concerns or rule out any potential concerns which are a critical tools in helping healthcare providers understand.

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Please feel welcome to contact our friendly reception staff with any general or medical enquiry. Our reception staff will receive or return any urgent calls.

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    With over 90% of health decisions based on diagnostic results, we are committed to being a trusted healthcare partner. Contact Us

    Preparing for Test Help Ensure It Go Smoothly.

    To reduce your wait time, complete the personal information on the form in advance most routine tests.
    How To Order And Prepare For Your Test!

    Preparing for Test Help Us Ensure All Goes Smoothly

    To reduce your wait time, complete the personal information on the form in advance. Although most routine tests are covered under your provincial health insurance plan, some tests may not be covered with knowledge is power.

    we connect directly with patients to deliver their results so they have valuable health information when they need it most, we care about our people.
    Improving Through Automation
    New Advanced Instruments
    Strict Quality Practices

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    Samples can be collected in office, lab, or the patient can collect the sample at home.

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    Committed to treating people with respect and in ways that help them maintain their dignity.

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    Results are available for most tests within 7 days of samples reaching the lab.
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