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Our corporate service provides a unique health and wellbeing programmed that will benefit you and your employees, improving the productivity of your business.
Advanced Testing.
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We are committed to improving health worldwide through early identification and prevention of disease and illness.

Corporate Health Packages

Our Mission

In 2021, 149.3 million working days were lost to sickness absence (Office for National Statistics).
Xana MedTec Health understands the importance of improving the health of your workforce. Our mission is to enhance your business with a tailored health programmed to suit your organizational needs.
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Prevention is better than a cure

Advanced Testing.

We are committed to improving health worldwide through early identification and prevention of disease and illness. Using our innovative biochip technology, we measure hundreds of biomarkers, to give you unprecedented access to your current health data.
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Our Tests

General Health Screen

Diabetes Comprehensive

General Health Advanced

All man / All women

Fatigued the time

Post Covid Screen

Digestive Nutritional Screen

All Muscles Rheumatology

Metabolic Syndrome Advanced "MSA"

Vitamins & Minerals

Bone Health

Diabetes Health

Digestive Health

Full Blood Count

Heart Health

Hormonal Health

Liver Health

Male Hormone Health

Metabolic Syndrome

Muscle & Joint Health

Pancreatic Health

Stress Health

Kidney Health

Iron Status

All Hereditary Cancer Risk - 113 Genes

Hereditary Cancer Risk- 29 Genes

Hereditary Breast & Ovarian Cancer Risk

Hereditary Cardiac Risk Advanced

Genetic Coeliac Disease

Genetic Hemochromatosis

Genetic Lactose Intolerance



Lower Rates of Sickness and Absence

Increased Employee Engagement


Improved Physical and Mental Health


Positive Corporate Image


Increased Employee Engagement


Increased Productivity

Your Health And Safety Is Important To Us

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