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Phone: (0161) 9746518
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Get In Touch With Your Nearest Local Health Business Sales

Our customer care staff will distribute your request for consultation to the appropriate Laboratory Medicine discipline.

A member of the Medical/Scientific Staff will get back to the requesting healthcare provider within one business day.

    Providing High Quality Test Services For Your Health!

    What is a medical checkup?

    Xana Medtec Expert
    Medical checkup is a routine test conducted by a doctor or medical professional to assess a person’s health
    It begins with taking the person’s personal and/or medical history and other relevant information, including previous operations or medical procedures, past and present diseases or health conditions, a list of all current medications, habits, lifestyle,
    Detect diseases early on
    Regular medical checkups allow doctors to pick up signs of diseases that the patients may not even know to exist.
    Increase chances of getting better treatment and cure
    Some life-threatening diseases can gradually build up in the body even before the physical symptoms manifest.
    Keep track of health
    One should never neglect their health, and being healthy goes beyond not being sick.
    We are a healthcare testing company providing in clinic and home health checks through our network of UKAS accredited laboratories. Our comprehensive range of fast, accurate and confidential blood tests gives you with the information you need to achieve better health and wellbeing.

    What blood tests do you offer?

    Whether you're interested in learning more about your long-term health or how to improve your energy levels, our range of tests can help.

    Low energy levels are often linked to a nutrient deficiency, an underactive thyroid, or a hormonal imbalance. Certain health conditions, like diabetes, might also cause low energy levels.
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